For a limited time, as a pilot program, 4E DPC will be offering affordable video telehealth visits for non-members at an affordable cost. These telehealth video visits are for single visits only, and allow the individual to explore the practice and the services offered.

These one-time visits can be used for simple issues, which may include:

RashCoughCommon cold
UTI (women)Muscle acheSeasonal allergies
Sore throatFeverPink eye
Sinus infectionUpset stomach

Medications that require long-term follow-up or chronic management are not typically prescribed in these visits. In addition, these one-time video visits do not include the benefits of ongoing texting and email with your physician with medical questions.

For those interested in managing chronic medical conditions using telehealth, please look at our Virtual Direct Primary Care memberships (in states we cover) or our traditional Direct Primary Care Membership in Connecticut (which includes telehealth as an included benefit).

If you have obtained a video visit as a non-member, you may apply that cost toward a DPC membership registration fee within 1 (one) month of the telehealth video visit.

Welcome to your video visit login. At the time of your appointment, please ensure you are either connected to the internet and have a web browser available (Safari for iOS devices, Chrome for Android devices), or have the app downloaded on

If you are using a web browser, you may enter the Waiting Room through the link below.