Navigating the health care system is hard. Being a foreign visitor and navigating it is even harder.

There may be times when you have relatives or friends visiting from abroad on a regular basis, and a part of your mind may always be wondering, "What if they get sick?" or "Who can I count on to help us through the system if they need medical help?"

While visitors will need to have their own health insurance, wouldn't it be great if they felt they had a Primary Care Physician who could help ensure that their basic needs were met while they were visiting?

At 4E DPC, you can help your visiting relatives or friends get care while they are visiting. Because we do not take health insurance, we are not limited by networks or insurance coverage limitations. However, we can provide receipts of your charges as needed.

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What can your doctor take care of?

  • Managing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and more
  • Refills on routine non-controlled medications while you are visiting the US at significantly lower rates
  • Lower rate labs to follow-up on how your health and diabetes is doing here
  • A comprehensive preventive physical exam to make sure all of your wellness screenings are up to date
  • Referrals for lower cost testing such as bone density scans, mammograms, etc.
  • Sick visits like low back pain, rashes, sprains, fevers, nausea, etc.
  • Help you navigate the health system if you get sick so you don't feel lost and alone