The purpose of this page is to share some recommended and interesting products. Unless otherwise specified in the item description, I do not have any conflict of interest in sharing information about these products.

The Shift by Komuso

What an interesting item to help with breathing. The concept behind this product is based off of the Komuso monks who play a long bamboo flute, which, in addition to playing beautiful music, causes the exhalation to be longer and steady. When we discuss relaxation techniques, it is often we help teach people to slow and prolong their exhalation. That is exactly what the intention of this necklace is to do – to help you take a small break and to shift your mindset by prolonging your exhalation. I came across this on social media and decided to try it for myself.


Sometimes, it’s hard to measure exactly how much you’re eating. What if your dinnerware told you? With this ingenius concept, you can use subtle cues of your cup to know how much a cup of juice is, or how much a serving of rice is, or how much of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. Portion control can be stylish. I came across this product at the Obesity Medicine conference in 2019 and was floored.