Visitors from abroad are not eligible for the routine membership or discounts, but are eligible for a bundled membership which includes an annual physical exam upon their arrival to the United States as well as 3 months of the DPC membership. Enrollment is limited based on panel size availability. Membership terminates at the end of the membership plan, unless an additional consecutive month is added. A minimum of 3 month membership is required, and members are encouraged to obtain the membership soon upon arrival.

This is not insurance and does not cover catastrophic coverage such as hospitalizations or specialists. This allows visitors access to regular primary care during their time in the US without worrying about high costs for chronic disease management or acute issues that can be handled by primary care physicians.

The membership options below are only offered in Connecticut. A Virtual Direct Primary Care Membership is offered in Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina.

Membership OptionCost
Silver: Annual Physical Exam and 3 months DPC membership including in-office visits and telehealth$475
Gold: Annual Physical Exam, 3 months DPC membership including in-office visits and telehealth, and Screening/Monitoring Labs
– Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
– Lipid Panel with Direct LDL
– Complete Blood Count
– Hemoglobin A1c
– 1 house call/home visitation if needed
Each additional consecutive month (without gap in membership)$100