Medical Cost Sharing

If you do not have insurance or are looking for an alternative to traditional insurance, 4E DPC has partnered with to offer Sedera, a medical cost sharing community, which can help cover more expensive medical bills. Click here to learn more: Learn more about Sedera.

Routine Membership Pricing

Initial Enrollment$75
(after lapse of payment)
0-5 years old$40*
6-25 years old$35*
26-39 years old$40
40-49 years old$60
50-64 years old$90
65 and above
(Patients on Medicare will be accepted into the practice for DPC membership as of April 1, 2020)
  • For children < 18 years old, at least one parent must be enrolled in the practice for children to be eligible for enrollment.
  • We are currently not opted-out of Medicare, and therefore will not be able to accept any patients who are enrolled in Medicare at this time. If you are interested, please provide us your information so that we can let you know when that changes,