Engage. Educate. Empower. Encourage.

Element 1: Engage

Engagement is the first step to any element of a relationship. At 4E DPC, we give you options of how to engage with your Physician – longer face-to-face visits, email, texting, and video. We view technology as a vehicle to develop the relationship and not a barrier. We know what is most important in health is not what happens at the doctor’s office, but what happens in between. We will follow what happens if you are in the hospital, and also give you the option of home visits. Our health partners (link) communicate back with us to share your progress and information. We try to provide as many services as we can to make your experience smooth, including those that extend beyond what is traditionally offered. These include discounted labs and discounted medications, which we are currently working on developing.

Element 2: Educate

Education is a fundamental aspect of health, and all too often, in the current health care system, what often happens is instructions saying “lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy” with little or no education on how to do that. 4E DPC provides longer appointment times to ensure that questions are appropriately answered to the satisfaction of the patient. We will also be launching a Podcast to bring up questions from our patients and answer common health issues discussed in the media. We also view education as bi-directional, and wish to learn from our patients through honest and open feedback on how we can continue to improve our services. We are all learning together how to transform the healthcare experience.

Element 3: Empower

Empowerment denotes an acknowledgement of who the driver is in the healthcare experience.  All too often, drivers of the experience are check boxes to satisfy data metrics or reports to be provided to various entities.  At 4E DPC, we have one driver of the health care experience: you.  Our goal is to ensure that you are empowered to make your own health care  decisions, and our opportunity is to share our medical expertise to help you in that journey.  We provide our patients choices and options to integrate modalities of allopathic as well as integrative and non-traditional approaches to health care. 

Element 4: Encourage

Encouragement is the recipe to keep forging ahead – during times of challenges and in those of celebrations. The health care system is hard to navigate, and through this individualized, relationship-based care, we provide a supportive and safe environment.  We believe that positivity and encouragement are the solutions to sustaining wellness.  As part that experience, we screen for opportunities to provide additional support and link individuals to resources in the community and beyond.