Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.


We do not believe in artificial barriers that separate Eastern and Western philosophies of medicine and healing. We understand that different circumstances warrant different approaches, and a personalized approach to medicine, which includes being open to all aspects of health and healing that may be of interest to you. We will work with each person to allow them to choose their own personalized care path, and encourage them to explore methods of healing that have their own perspectives, and will provide educational information regarding those, both from what is scientifically validated to what is anecdotally learned. We provide guidance on thinking of risks and benefits to various treatment options, and do our best to coordinate with your integrative providers and ensure that we are all aligned and aware of your wellness plan.

Our Health Partners page has a list of individuals with whom we have close relationships with and collaborative relationships with that allows you to ensure your care team is aligned, and important information is shared.

In addition, in our practice, we offer ear acupuncture using the NADA protocol as well as whole body acupuncture as part of an integrative approach to wellness.