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Membership at 4 Elements™ Direct Primary Care costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. Think of it like Netflix for your healthcare — as a subscriber, you'll gain access to same-or-next-day sick visits and be able to call, text, or email Dr. Kainkaryam directly with any questions in-between.

No copays, ever. No surprise bills. No more hour-long waits or 5-minute visits with a doctor that doesn't know your name. This is a simpler, more affordable approach to healthcare that works for you.

AgeFixed monthly fee
0 to 5 years$40
6 to 25 years$35
26 to 39 years$40
40 to 49 years$60
50 to 64 years$90
65 years and up$100

New patients pay a one-time registration fee of $75 when enrolling.

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I also provide Certified Driver License medical exams, I-693 Immigration Medical Exams for adjustment of status, a weight optimization program (Fruit-Full Relationships™) and DPC for visitors (MD Oversees™).

When you join my practice, you get access to...

  • Unhurried, personalized in-office or video visits
  • Unlimited, direct access over text, email, or phone
  • A customized plan for preventative care
  • Virtual care while you're out of the house
  • Prescription and dispensing of medications at lower cost
  • Labs and other blood work at lower cost
  • Dedicated care coordination to specialists or hospitals, as needed
  • Continuous conversations about your health and wellness goals

Patients love us

I love the concept of direct primary care because I no longer feel like a number... Dr. K takes his time in getting to know his patients so he can help them the best he can. Having access to him and not wondering how much it will cost me through insurance is a HUGE bonus.”

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Frequently asked questions

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care is a new model that prioritizes the physician-patient relationship. This shouldn’t sound very “new”; it’s actually more similar to the way health care used to be. Instead of the fee-for-service model, where you may be charged copays or unexpected office visit charges, direct primary care uses a membership model to allow you to spend time with your doctor, both in person and online, reduce the cost and burden of health care, and cut down on wait times.

It’s a simpler approach to care, so that you can get what you need, when you need it.

What are the benefits of DPC vs. traditional primary care?

Access, simplicity, transparency, quality. Think of DPC as having a true partner in your health journey. Anytime you need access or even have a quick question, you can very easily come in person, do a virtual visit, call us, email us, and yes, even text us at any time. Because we have a direct relationship, without insurance companies or other third parties between us, our service and pricing is simple. No surprise bills, or codes and charges you don’t understand. This enables us to be 100% transparent. Our incentives are aligned so that we are thoughtful about tests and referrals. And we finally have time together. No more 5-minute visits where the doctor barely knows your name and rushes you out. High quality care means spending time with patients to more thoroughly listen and learn about their health and goals.

Do you take insurance?

We do not bill insurance, but you can still join our practice if you have it. This allows us to keep the pricing of our services simple and transparent to our members - no network, co-pay, pre-auths, denials, deductibles, restrictions, codes. You can still use your insurance for other medical practices, pharmacies, and hospital visits. You can also use insurance for your labs, imaging, and medications as well. However, we are able to negotiate directly with many vendors from these companies to offer discounted rates on these services to our members. Some patients prefer not to bill their insurance for these as a result.

I have insurance, so why DPC?

Health insurance is not health care, and DPC is the latter. 80-90% of your health care needs can be managed by a Primary Care Physician (PCP), but it’s a good idea to have coverage for major events like hospital visits, surgeries, etc. - whether that is traditional insurance or an alternative like medical cost sharing. Insurance may actually make primary care more expensive.

When and how do I pay my membership fee?

Membership fees are charged monthly to your payment method of choice (bank account, credit, or debit card).

Can I cancel?

Yes, of course. This is a monthly membership with no long-term contracts. But the point of DPC is not to sign up only when you need it nor cancel it when you don’t. DPC works best when you believe this is the best care model for you and your family, and you have a long-term relationship.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us! We are here to help.