Train people well enough so they can leave.
Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.


What can Direct Primary Care do for you as an Employer?

  • Your employees love 😍you because you offer COPAY-FREE PRIMARY CARE as a benefit of working for them
  • Less lost productivity 📉because your employees can access their doctor quickly
  • Employee retention because you offer something 👏that even some of the best benefits plans may not
  • Option for employer-site visits for your employees! (Imagine that – they may not even have to leave work!)
  • More efficient and coordinated care 👨‍⚕️

🤔IMAGINE:  What could happen if your employees had copay-free primary care with texting, video appointments, phone appointments, discounted medications and labs… all without breaking their bank, or yours? 🤩

Take moment to compare the following scenarios:

Scenario A: Traditional Health Care
Your employee is sick. They need to go see their doctor, but are not sure what time they can get in. They finally get an appointment in 2 days and let you know, and then have to leave 1 hour early to ensure they show up 15 minutes before their appointment. They leave work, and end up getting to their appointment 30 minutes early because they are afraid of being late. They wait their 30 minutes, and then an additional 30 minutes to be seen for about 8 minutes. They then have to go to the pharmacy to get their medication, and a work note, and finally return to work. This journey was about 3 hours.

They had no option of reaching their doctor in any other way. And not to mention, because of their health plan, the charges will get applied to their deductible, so they will pay $200 out of pocket eventually for that day. If there are any questions, the employee was instructed to schedule a follow-up to discuss next steps.

Scenario B: Direct Primary Care
Your employee is sick. They are not worried about reaching their doctor because they know a simple text message or email or call will help them figure out next steps. Or they know they can always check in after work. They call for an appointment and can get in later that day. In the meantime, their doctor knows whats going on because they texted their doctor. They come to their appointment on time with the doctor waiting to see them. Theres virtually no wait time. They get seen immediately and the issue is taken care of. The doctor spends a half hour with the patient to ensure all of their questions are answered about the care plan. The patient picked up the medication right from the doctor, and paid a much lower cost for the medication than retail price. There was no co-pay because their employer pays for their DPC membership . The employee returns to work. The doctor also lets the patient know that there are other options in the future – with the employer’s permission, he can visit the employee at work to talk, do a video appointment, or see the employee at home.