Why should I worry about primary care?
The US healthcare is one of the most expensive in the world, and yet, our quality of outcomes is one of the lowest of developed countries. We spend only about 6-8% of all healthcare costs on primary care – costs dedicated to first line services to prevent disease, and helping manage coordinate care! And as it’s failing, we see costs continue to rise, premiums go up, deductibles go up, and good health care become harder to get.

What is 4 Elements Direct Primary Care (4E DPC)?
Take the old fashioned relationship with the doctor, add all of the modern technology conveniences, incorporate integrative approaches to wellness, think out of the box a bit, and remove the barrier of what insurance is willing to pay for or not for primary care services — what do you get? You have 4E DPC – an enhanced primary care practice that is part of a national movement of reclaiming the fundamental relationship of primary care: the doctor-patient relationship. Over 250,000 Americans across the country have joined this movement and enrolled in a DPC practice. For a monthly cost (similar to the cost of a cell phone bill or gym membership), you receive unhurried and convenient access to your physician, who truly becomes your Primary Care Partner. Check out www.dpcnation.com for more information.

How is 4E DPC different than a traditional primary care practice?

Traditional Primary Care PracticeDirect Primary Care Practice
Wait on the phone for a long time
Don’t get appointments for weeks
PCP is not always available
Spend lots of waiting room time
3-7 minutes with the doctor
Charged an unknown amount of money
Insurance decides on applying costs to deductible
Come back for multiple appointments
Can’t directly communicate with doctor
Insurance dictates what is paid for or not
Large panel size (2,000+ patients)
“Feels like” a doctor’s office
Reach your doctor (call, email, text, etc.)
Convenient and flexible appointments
See the same doctor each time
Virtually no waiting time
Unhurried appointment times
Know exactly how much you are charged
Doctor gets to really know you as a person
Not limited by what insurance will or will not pay for
Wholesale rates for medications
Additional services
Small panel size (300-600 patients)
“Feels like” a living room or spa (at 4E DPC)

Why should I join 4E DPC?
Everyone can benefit from joining 4E DPC – children whose parents want the convenience of quick access to a doctor, to those who are working and find it hard to take time off from work, to employers who are trying to find solid but lower cost benefits for their employees, to individuals with complex medical conditions and need the additional support from a compassionate doctor who has the time to listen to you and help you navigate the system. DPC gives you the ultimate care experience, where the focus is on your needs, and how we can help you. We don’t lecture you, scold you, or blame you… we support you, we guide you, and we advocate for you.

Is 4E DPC a type of health insurance?
DPC is not health insurance. DPC is a type of care delivery system. Insurance is to protect you against risks. DPC is not to cover risks but actually the provision of health care, which is overall lower cost than what you may pay outside.

Is this the same as concierge medicine?
No. Many concierge practices charge a yearly feel significantly higher at $3,000+ and often times bill insurance in addition. DPC prices are often significantly cheaper and affordable to the average individual, and focuses on trying to provide additional services to save you money in the process.

Why would I pay for DPC?
Simple: you want high quality care, you want to save money where you can, you want to avoid unnecessary referrals and testing (because your care team doesn’t have time to spend to address the issue and find outside results), you want a doctor who cares about you as a person, and you want a relaxed and healing environment. Let’s think it through… We live in a world of high deductibles and high costs. Even if you have insurance, your insurance may not even pay for anything until you have met your deductible of $2,500 or $3,000! Charges you pay are often very inflated, take medications: what you pay $10 at a Pharmacy may actually cost $0.87! Our goal is to give you the best care, take away inconveniences of the health care system (as best as we can), and try to save you money where we can. We work with our specialists, we limit the number of patients in our panel. At the end of the day, it’s your chance to take a stand in transforming your own health care experience to bring back the essence of medicine: the patient-doctor relationship.