Sometimes, we all need some extra help – from someone who knows just a bit more than we do. Unfortunately, in our current health care system, every additional opinion costs us more – sometimes coming in the way of us being able to get the help that we need.

At 4E DPC, we’ve partnered with a platform to offer e-Consults. Simply put, e-Consults are a way of accessing the knowledge of a specialist to be able to incorporate as much of that into the scope of Primary Care. In short, it helps us better take care of you.

Imagine that you had a rash and joint pains that was unclear. In one scenario, your Primary Care Physician may refer you to a specialist (which may take 2-3 months to get in), and then you start all over with your story and the first visit is just about getting labs. Then you go back later and follow-up and so the process goes on. Now you’ve probably been charged over $400 for the consultation charges that will likely get applied to your deductible before it is even paid for.

Now imagine that your Primary Care Physician has access to over 120 specialists. Imagine that typically they respond within a day. Imagine that over 50% result in avoided visits to the specialist (saving you money!!) or if you do need to see a specialist, then you walk in already with information ahead of time from the e-Consult so that the visit is more efficient, labs may have been ordered ahead of time, and that all in all, you get efficient, faster, and lower cost care.

We don’t know everything… but we do our best to try to get you everything you need, and partner with individuals who help us do that. Reach out to us to earn more about e-Consults and how they can help you get better care.