These only apply for Direct Primary Care Memberships and not Virtual Direct Primary Care Memberships.

Family Enrollment
(Parents and Children in the same household)
20% discount on total monthly cost for family of 4 or more
EmployersFor memberships where the Employer is paying for the employees, we can offer special pricing based on the number of employees. Please enquire about pricing.
Hurray for Heroes DiscountSpecial pricing for Police, Firefighters, EMS, and Veterans. You keep our towns safe and healthy. Please enquire for pricing. Thank you!

Special pricing for the Teachers. Helping you stay healthy and modeling those examples for our children is an honor for us. Please enquire for pricing.
Friends and Family ReferralsMembership Referral Program: When a current patient of the practice refers a patient to our DPC practice for membership:
– If the new patient enrolls, the current patient will receive a $25 credit toward the membership fee (up to three referral credits per calendar year)
– The new patient enrollee will receive a one-time $25 credit on their enrollment fee when they state the name of the current patient who referred them (can only be one).
– Family members living in the same household cannot refer each other if they are using the family enrollment discount.
– Adults cannot refer their dependents.
– This cannot be applied to any other offers or in cases where employers are paying for the membership.
South Windsor Chamber of Commerce MemberMembers of the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce are eligible for a benefit. Please visit the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce web site for additional information.