Meet Dr. Kainkaryam

Hello and welcome! I’m Dr. Vasanth Kainkaryam — Internist, Pediatrician, husband, father, author, baker, patient, and believer that life is a mix of free will and destiny.

I created 4 Elements™ Direct Primary Care for a simple reason: to help patients have a smooth experience in their journey for health and wellness.

My philosophy is that a doctor and a patient should have a direct, meaningful, and two-way relationship. Therefore, I believe in feedback, honesty, trust, learning, thinking out of the box, support, and even a little fun in our partnership to get well together. Everything I learned about healthcare, along with my medical training and knowledge, has led me to build this practice and serve my community.

I believe deeply this experience is about you, not me. But in case you're curious, below are my credentials and the 4 elements of my practice:

  • Board Certified in Internal (Adult) Medicine (FACP)
  • Board Certified in Pediatrics (FAAP)
  • Board Certified in Obesity Medicine (DABOM)
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry (MD)
  • Master of Science in Health Informatics, Northwestern University (MS)
  • Certified Physician Executive, Certifying Commission on Medical Management (CPE)
  • Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS)


Engagement is the first step in any relationship. In our practice, we give you the option to engage however you would like: longer face-to-face visits, video, phone calls, email, or texting. What is most important in health is not what happens at the doctor’s office, but rather the engagement in between.


Education is fundamental to health. All too often patients are lectured, “lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy” with little or no education on how to actually accomplish their goals. In our practice, we take the time to educate and ensure all your questions are appropriately answered.


Empowerment denotes who drives the healthcare experience. In our practice, we believe it’s you! Our goal is to ensure that you are empowered to make your own health care decisions. We provide our patients choices and options to integrate modalities of allopathic, integrative, and other approaches.


Encouragement is the recipe to persistence. The healthcare system is intimidating to navigate, and through this individualized, relationship-based care, we provide a supportive and safe environment. We believe that positivity and encouragement are the solutions to sustaining wellness.

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