Participate actively in your health. I’m with you.

4 Elements Direct Primary Care is an innovative and modern primary care experience, bringing the best of the doctor-patient relationship with modern technology.  The practice that does not depend on health insurance, and anyone can access this copay-free medical practice for a low monthly membership fee starting at just over $1/day.  Telehealth, in-person visits, emails, texting, and direct access to Dr. Kainkaryam is included, with the benefit of wholesale discounts for medications and lower cost labs and imaging.


Ask questions and be open. I’ll help you.

Education is the fundamental building block of progress.  We believe in spending time and educating our patients.  That's why our visits are at least 30-60 minutes long and flexible as needed by our patients.  Regular and direct access to Dr. Kainkaryam through texting is a great way to get some of those simple questions answered.  Our monthly newsletter also contains latest news, reminders, and information to support you in your journey in health.

The "4 Elements of Health Care" podcast focuses on looking at the health care system focusing on the patient's experience.  Be sure to listen and subscribe.


Believe in your ability. I do.

We often forget we have choices.  The system conditions us to think there is only one way, but there isn't.  At 4 Elements Direct Primary Care, I believe in empowering you to make your decision, and will guide you with what I know to help inform that.  Know that often cash-based prices are significantly cheaper than using insurance.  Know that Direct Primary Care can reduce Emergency Room visits by up to 40%.  Know that 40% of specialist referrals are unnecessary.  Know that there are alternative and cheaper ways of paying for higher cost care besides health insurance.

Once you have engaged in the process of health and have learned about your choices, then empower yourself with the ability of making choice.  There are ways of getting care that don't require waiting over an hour in the waiting room just to be seen for 8 minutes.


Celebrate the small victories. I’ll cheer for you.

In order to make the big leaps, we need to celebrate the small steps.  Daily victories keep us going.  And we slowly open our eyes to different ways of perceiving.  Feedback is key to growth.  In our approach, we will celebrate you and your story, and we will help you write your path forward in health.  What happens in the medical system only accounts for 11% of health – 89% of health determinants are outside of the medical space.  This means that we need to also think outside of the traditional medical model and expand our viewpoints and support success.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I love the concept of direct primary care because I no longer feel like a number. I have been to many traditional doctors that by the time you get to see the doctor, you see the back of their head while they type on a computer. Maybe they talk to you for 3 minutes before they leave the room…. Dr K takes his time in getting to know his patients so he can help them the best he can. Having access to him and not wondering how much it will cost me through insurance is a HUGE bonus. ”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Very friendly, helpful and kind Doctor who will do above and beyond to support the patient. Had a very good experience. Thank you very much for being such a nice Doctor!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I only have good things to say about Dr. Kainkaryam. His people-oriented approach made me and my family feel comfortable right away. He’s non-jugmental, listens very well and takes the time to answer our questions with professionalism. We’ve been very pleased with his service.


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